Ambulance based Services


On-site Medical Services

Based on experience from other On-site Standby Service over the past few years, we hereby would like to propose a comprehensive emergency medical service for the Construction Sites / Work Site.


Our proposal is as follows:-

Combo Emergency MedicAl Service (CEMAS)

What is a CEMAS?
CEMAS is actually a more comprehensive version of the standard on-site ambulance standby service that usually being offered by most other service provider(s). While other on-site ambulance standby service might only response to moderate, severe and dire emergency cases, CEMAS on the other hand has been designed to respond to any type of medical cases from minor injuries to some of the most severe cases.

All emergency and non-emergency medical cases will be attended by this service with no exclusion which includes but not limited to major cases such as multiple facture & major trauma and other non-life threatening conditions such as fever, headache, & small cuts / abrasion.

In basic term, CEMAS will enhance the on-site medical service where all minor injuries & non-emergency cases will be treated locally and on-site at a designated location(s), and where major emergency cases will be stabilized and transferred from the construction site to the nearest competent and / or panel medical facilities for proper medical response.

What are the components of CEMAS?
There will be two (2) major components in CEMAS. The components are as follows:-

  • First Aid Station
    The FAS will served as the On-Site Medical Facility for diagnosing, treating and / or performing noninvasive medical procedures needed to treat any patient(s) of non-emergency cases and will also act as a triage for emergency cases where medical personnel will ascertain the victim(s) conditions and try to stabilized the victim(s) prior to MediVec via the Ambulance.
  • Ambulance(s)
    During the standby phase / duration, the Ambulance will be performing two functions which are:-

    • Medical Shuttle
      By using the Ambulance, the victim(s) will be transfer from the accident / emergency site to the Site Clinic for triage and / or treatment(s) through the use of correct and safe method(s) for moving / transferring victim(s).
    • MediVec Vehicle
      By using the Ambulance, the victim(s) who needs definitive medical care and / or which could not be treated on-site will be MediVec from the construction site.

Film & Television

The team at Mahamas Ambulance have been providing ambulance staff to the film and television industry for many years.

Our team are familiar with the specific needs of this industry and are able to support a range of requirements such as advice on ambulance and medical protocols to give any production that real-life touch. While not very prominent, a number of the team appear regularly on television shows filmed in the Malaysia and Internationally and are comfortable with taking direction from the production team and working alongside professional actors and actresses. It is also possible to book the same ambulance staff and vehicles where continuity is required.

We are also available to provide medical cover when stunts and other high risk activities are taking place on set.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements or to make a booking.

Footage from the film Don 2 [2011] Prison Break


Patient Transport

Slide-01We recognize that many people have specific and individual transport needs that cannot always be satisfied by the existing ambulance service to/from hospital schemes.

PT01Our team is able to supply transport services designed around the needs of the individual, whether this is a one-way and lengthy journey to any locations in Peninsular of Malaysia or abroad such as from Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, or if it is a collection from home to an appointment within the Klang Valley area or beyond.

We offer a professional, reliable and flexible patient focused private ambulance & transport service to convey people with a range of mobility from those that can walk, are in wheelchairs or on stretchers that may or may not require enhanced clinical care.

Bookings for transport can be made in advance or on the same day if required and for any part of the Peninsular Malaysia. Please contact us for the best price or simply for advice on how to best meet your needs.


Event Medical Coverage

Event02If you are involved in the planning or delivery of an event whether it is a large event or small, you will be aware of the importance of providing for the health, safety and welfare or both participants and spectators.

Event01Mahamas Ambulance has a dedicated and vastly experienced team of professionals that can both help you plan for your needs and also supply Medical Crews or first aid staff for your event. This can be in the form of a static medical facility or having ambulances, cycle units,and others needs as required.

All of our Medical Crews (SR Nurse, Medical Assistant, Paramedic) are state registered with the Ministry of Health (MoH) and all support staff are well trained in the art of life saving standards.

Our team of ambulance officers are experienced in managing the medical cover at large events, working in partnership with you, the other emergency services and the voluntary aid societies.

If you would like to speak to someone about your event please feel free to contact us for advice. Alternatively, if you already know what you require please request a quote or to make a booking.