Ambulance Medical Crews – SR Nurse, Medical Assistant, Paramedic

Job summary: Principle duties

  • To transport and to attend to patients and clients within the care of Mahamas Ambulance in accordance with policies and procedure  s
  • To ensure that the ambulance vehicle and its equipment and consumable stock is in operational readiness at all times and to report any defects immediately to the on-duty officer in accordance with stated policy and procedure
  • To actively participate in stringent cleaning routines on vehicles, equipment and areas of the garaging and parking facilities to ensure effective infection control standards are adhered to
  • To be accountable for basic vehicle maintenance in accordance with the vehicle check procedure dictated by the vehicle handing-over form
  • Conduct the role in a professional, caring and compassionate manner ensuring a high level of customer and patient care is provided at all times and maintaining strict patient confidentiality
  • To maintain the professional image of Mahamas Ambulance Service.
  • Undertaking the work rota in a flexible manner and to provide out of hours cover if required with notice given
  • As requested, undertaking any other duties/responsibilities, which are considered to be relevant to the post at the request of the on-duty officer or his/her appointed representative